Monday, July 28, 2008

Josh McDermott selected to receive U of M Outstanding Postdoc Scholar Award

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to tell you that Josh McDermott has been selected to receive the University of Minnesota Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award for 2008-09.  The Award recognizes postdoctoral scholars who have made outstanding contributions to research, scholarship and/or creative activities on a national or international level and acknowledges scholars who have made optimal use of the postdoctoral appointment by actively pursuing opportunities and resources to enhance their intellectual and professional development.

Josh has been working on auditory perception with Andrew Oxenham and lab colleagues. He has been studying mid-level audition, including source separation, texture perception, and the psychoacoustic basis of music.

Congratulations to Josh!

This award to Josh is a timely reminder of the excellence of postdocs in the Psychology department and the critical roles they play in many of our research programs.