Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brian Connelly and Deniz Ones Win Best Paper Award

It was announced that the Society for Industrial and Organizational
Psychology (SIOP; Division 14 of the American Psychological Association)
will be awarding the inaugural "Joyce and Robert Hogan Award for
Personality and Work Performance" to the following journal article:
Connelly, B. S., & Ones, D. S. (2010). An other perspective on
personality: Meta-analytic integration of observers' accuracy and
predictive validity. /Psychological Bulletin//, 136/, 1092-1122.
Brian Connelly is a 2008 Ph.D. and Deniz Ones is a professor from our
Industrial and Organizational Psychology program.
SIOP awards the Joyce and Robert Hogan Award for Personality and Work
Performance in recognition of the best paper or chapter that
demonstrates innovation in applied personality research in the field of
industrial and organizational psychology during the past year (2010).
This annual award, honoring Joyce and Robert Hogan, is given to the
authors of a paper or chapter judged to have the highest potential to
further the understanding of personality as it relates to work performance.